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\"At the Lemon Tree, we have proudly been using KilardFarmhouse Cheddar Cheese across our menus since January 2019. It is a truly authentic, handmade Donegal product with delicious, rich, creamy flavours and a consistent unmatched quality.\"

Chris Molloy

The Lemon Tree Restaurant

"Fantastic rich creamy texture, served on its own or as part of a recipe . It\'s a delight to have this Cheese feature on our Daily Fayre menu . You can really taste the goodness that comes from using local produce. 

Well done & continued success."

Martin Anderson

Sonder Cafe

"This is a wonderful Irish Farmhouse cheddar. It is by any measure wonderful. It's not too salty, beautifully crumbly and after resting at room temperature, the perfume and texture will develop even more. It lingers long on the palette and memory. As a southern French man there's no better way to enjoy Donegal Farmhouse cheese other than with a baguette and a nice glass of wine. I was honoured and proud to be one of the first chefs to cook with Donegal Farmhouse Cheese"

Remy Dupuy


I have been using Donegal farmhouse cheese for some time now to transform some of our simple comfort food classic dishes or even to add flavor to some of our fine dining dish on the menu at the Waterfront hotel Dungloe.

My style of cooking heavily relies on local products and it was great to find such A high quality farmhouse cheddar at our own doorsteps.

With a smooth slightly nutty taste the Kilard cheddar is great in soups, or in a classic ham and cheese toasty guaranteed to be a favorite with all the family and friends.

Paul Brady

The Waterfront hotel, Dungloe

Absolutely delicious, lovely creamy full flavoured cheddar. would highly recommend it. looking forward to adding it to the weekly shop.

Deirdre Kennedy

Cheese lover

Tried your cheese and its yummy delicious 😋 😋 😋 😋 😋

Maggie Gilbert

Cheese Lover

There is a smooth creamy taste of the Kilard Cheddar Cheese that I just love! I've been a fan of it since is first came on the market and now if I need a Cheddar cheese for something that I'm cooking, it's the brand that I go looking for. It is excellent for cooking with, especially melted on top of a seafood pie, and is also perfect for sandwiches or a cheeseboard. I'm so proud for Noreen and James, not just because they've made the first Donegal cheddar cheese, but they've made a deliciously addictive cheddar cheese!

Zack Gallagher


We were delighted when we got the opportunity to add Kilard Cheddar to our menu and Donegal Farmhouse Cheese to our list of suppliers. The taste is amazing, it melts superbly and we use it on our breakfast, brunch and lunch menus. Our Ham and Cheese Toastie is our most popular item and it\'s made even better when you get to tell a customer that the cheese that adds so much to it, is delivered from within five kilometres of the cafe.

Claire and Stephanie, Ahoy Cafe

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